Add Your Personal Flair

Principals and teachers making a #GoodNewsCallOfTheDay have added their own touch to the calls. Some have:

*created bulletin boards and hallways displays with photos;

*given the recipients a school wrist band;

*worn funny hats and made silly faces;

*incorporated a Good News Call Of The Day gong!;

*used a mock up of a social media frame for photos;

*sent a photo and/or certificate home  with the student.

I've been asked how I make this work and I'll share my process, but you can adapt and make it your own. Of the 137 calls I made last school year, most were based on something I observed or my interactions with the students. Some were from what I observed in classrooms, in hallways, on the playground, in the cafeteria, or outside during arrival and dismissal. Sometimes I asked teachers for recommendations of students who needed recognition or a boost. Also, I created a simple form and posted them on my office door so staff members could recommend a student. During the year I received recommendations from classroom teachers, other licensed specialists, paraprofessionals, food service, custodial, and office team members. I maintained a spreadsheet where I recorded the date, student's name, grade, and teacher so I could make sure I was reaching a variety of students in PreK to 6th grades. Most of the time I was able to reach one or both parents directly and they were able to talk with their child. Sometimes I left messages and always asked the student the next day if their parents received our call. On a rare occasion, when I couldn't locate a working phone number, I either sent an email message or wrote a note. I also gave the student a #GoodNewsCallOfTheDay wrist band, took a selfie with them, Tweeted those out, and included some of the photos in my newsletters to parents and staff.